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Rubber Ship Launching Airbags





We are the distributor of MAX-Group which is  the leading supplier for ISO14409:2011 or CB/T 3795 rubber airbags/marine inflatable airbags, supplying to shipyards & trading companies in over 6 continents for ship launching, repairs & mobilisation use.


 These cylindrical-shaped rubber inflatable is the product of precise engineering that witnesses high grade flexible rubber material undergo innovative layering manufacturing and extremely strict quality control compliances.


Standard MAX ship launching airbags have sizes up to 2.5m in diameter and 25m in length for hoisting and transporting heavy structure up to more than 10,000 tonnes.


However, some airbags for buoyancy purposes can go up to 4.0m in diameter.

The product is also widely used for mobilisation of various large scale prefabricated steel concrete, gas drilling equipments, architectures and caissons etc.

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