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Discharge & Dredging : Dredge Hose


Dredge hose products are popular in many reclamation projects due to their great quality and availability at ultra-reasonable prices.


Designed to display outstanding hydraulic & adhesive properties, our hoses are very competitively-priced to provide the most value to our customers. 

Discharge, suction and floating dredge rubber hoses are the choice for many partners worldwide in the U.S.A., Maldives, Malaysia etc. MAX’s products are exported to Germany, Turkey, United Kingdom, Italy, Slovenia, Latvia, Ukraine, Poland,Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Russia, Chile, Romania, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania, Croatia, Cyprus, Uruguay, Colombia, Indonesia etc. Despite being relatively new in the industry, these rubber dredge hoses by MAX are increasingly gaining appreciation of our global customer base and preferred in various reclamation projects.

We can customize dredge hoses according to your projects , please contact us for more information . 

Dredge Suction Hose / Discharge Hose 

1. Physical Properties of Rubber Material

2. Hydraulic Properties

Dredge hose is able to withstand pressure up to 1.5 times the normal rated working pressure and still have no signs of leakage. (However, it is advisable not to go over the working pressure limit for operations.)

Hoses can be designed according to buyer’s specific requirements & specifications. The breaking pressure can be designed to go up to 3 times the rated working pressure if desired.

During deformation tests, the variance on length and outer diameter of dredge hoses should not exceed the following data:

3. Vacuum Properties

Even when vacuum pressure goes up to 80kPa, there should be no signs for dismantled layers or physical damage.

4. Adhesive Properties

High quality materials are used. The affinity of adhesives used between layers have a minimum property of 1.5kN/m.

5. Length Variance Tolerance

The length difference tolerance of rubber hose shall be kept within the ±2% of overall length range.

There are some variations of mud suction and discharge hoses depending on usage. Certain reinforced hoses are preferred in some situations. Drop us an email to discuss about what suits your project best.

Floating Dredge Hoses

There are two types of floating hoses ; Marine – flexible and hard (non-flexible).

* Flexible inner layer type Floating Hose

Flexible discharge hoses have a flexible inner rubber layer that is of high grade wear-resistant quality.

* Hard inner layer type Hose

Hard hoses feature a hard & strong inner layer for operations.

Floating Hoses Features:

  1. Extremely durable & grind-resistant rubber

  2. Tensile Strength ≥ 15 MPa

  3. Wear-out ≤ 0.45cm³/1.61km

  4. Working Pressure 0.8-3.5 MPa

  5. Under working operations status, where sand content of substance is less than 30%, the floating part should be not less than 30% of the hose’s largest tubular outer diameter.

  6. Strong flexural properties performance

Similar to other hose products, reinforced / armored floating hoses are preferred for certain projects depending on project requirements. Different types of flanges and/or collars are available, too.

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